Certification and Accreditation

Prosecuting a strategic objective that translates into the commitment for José de Mello Saúde’s Quality, Environment and Safety Policy, the Facilities of the Group have been successfully accomplishing the Certification and/or Accreditation of their quality management systems.

Saúde CUF facilities are certified according to NP EN ISO 9001, in regards to all its healthcare delivery services.

A Saúde CUF facility was the first Portuguese healthcare facility to ever been awarded with full certification. 

hospital CUF Infante Santo and hospital CUF Descobertas got their certifications in 2007; Hospital CUF Cascais and clínica CUF Torres Vedras in 2009, while hospital CUF Porto got its certification in 2012.

Saúde CUF's certifying entity is SGS ICS – International Certification Services



Dr. Campos Costa’s facilities are certified according to APCER’s ERS 3004 standard, since 2007.

This standard certifies all the services of Dr. Campos Costa’s facilities, these being the first facilities in Portugal to have been awarded with this certification. Currently, the departments that have this type of certification are: Oporto, Santo Tirso, Paredes, São João da Madeira, Santa Maria da Feira and instituto CUF Porto.


For healthcare delivery services, Hospital de Braga has a quality management system that is externally recognised by the CHKS accreditation, and ISO 9001 for the support services.

The new facilities of Hospital de Braga achieved its CHKS re-accreditation and ISO certification in November 2012.

In November 2012, Hospital de Braga was also awarded an environmental certification – ISO 14001 – under its environmental management system.

Hospital de Braga was the second hospital to be awarded this type of recognition in Portugal, and the first in the North of Portugal.