Our culture and the values we share compose the pattern of behaviour that we respect and express in the daily management of our activities.

José de Mello Saúde employees have increased responsibility in the consolidation of this identity, namely through the statement and transmission of our values.


respeito pela dignidade e bem-estar da pessoa

Respect for the Person's Dignity and Wellbeing

What does this mean?

• It means to never forget that only because someone is sick and in need of health, he or she does not lose any right that has to do with their dignity, and thus should not be discriminated against;
• It means to collectively and individually make the commitment to do anything to first ensure the person’s best interests.

How can we perceive it?

• To provide information about the existing procedures, diagnoses and therapies and respect the freedom of choice;
• To favour cooperation and team work;
• In the personalisation and humanisation of healthcare;
• To give priority to quality.

desenvolvimento humano

Human Development

What does this mean?

• It means to grow with the company, and to commit to one’s individual contribution for the achievement of collective results;
• It means to believe in people, and to believe that they are the beginning and the end of success, the element that makes the difference;
• In practice, it means to turn the daily life into a constant challenge of experience exchange.

How can we perceive it?

• To have free time and energy to discuss with one’s employees when they need, and about any subject that they find relevant;
• To teach, listen, learn, and to know how to communicate;
• To be truthful, to use the right methods, and to not be arrogant to other people;
• To comply with the rules and commitments, and to never fool a Customer.




What does this mean?

• Competence means to deliver with determination and accuracy;
• Achievement as a symbol for knowledge and experience;
• To be competent means to have the will to be a role model and to show that in every hard moment there is an opportunity.

How can we perceive it?

• To have the ability to accomplish, to deliver results, to get there;
• To practice what one preaches: a lot of cohesion between actions and words;
• To give Customers what they want as far as quality, deadline and price are concerned;
• To share knowledge and to train successors.




What does this mean?

• It is the ability to anticipate and create new alternatives and solutions;
• We say someone is Innovative when they surprise or create;
• A professional who because of his or hers originality, stimulates everyone around them.

How can we perceive it?

• Someone who does not fall into a routine, and always seeks new ways of doing;
• To be open to discuss. To approach others. To stimulate other people;
• Someone who gives ideas and does not wait for people to ask them to do so;
• In work meetings, subjects are discussed with passion and respect. To accept difference and to learn and grow with it.