Strategic Vision

sustentabilidadeJosé de Mello Saúde thinks that the healthcare delivery activity is deeply connected to the concept of sustainability, so when our professionals deal with health and human life on a daily basis, they permanently have to deal with the combination of social concerns and business ethics concerns.


As far as the decision making process is concerned, on an ethical and clinical level, José de Mello Saúde’s management bodies are supported by advisory bodies such as the Ethics Committee, the Medical and the Nursing Committee in subjects that arise due to scientific progress, social evolution and legislative activity, in the fields of biology, medicine and health in general.


To take up the challenge of sustainability is to consider that José de Mello Saúde is not just about creating economic value,; it seeks for creating a global and sustained value instead, that is to be distributed across all the concerned parties of our company – employees, customers, shareholders, surrounding communities, partners and others.


Sustainability Reports




Sustainability Report of 2014
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Sustainability Report of 2015
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