Mission and Vision

José de Mello Saúde’s identity is characterised by its mission and its goals.


To be the leader in distinctive quality healthcare delivery, supported by an integrated network of high performance facilities, both in the private and in the public industry, showing future growth options in selected international markets.


To promote healthcare services delivery with the highest levels of knowledge, respecting the priority of life and environment, by developing the enterprise’s intellectual capital, constantly searching for the best.



In order to accomplish its Mission, José de Mello Saúde is developing its activity based on three platforms of excellence:

Human talent excellence

• Transmission and promotion of the values of the Group
• Evaluating and rewarding employee performance
• Alert and challenging management of one’s professional career
• Promotion of a culture of accountability, demand, accuracy and achievement
• Sharing knowledge and working as a team

Service excellence

• To create centres of clinical excellence
• To manage the relationship with the clients
• Humanisation of healthcare
• Constant improvement of the service levels

Operations and systems excellence

• Constantly developing innovation and planning abilities
• Continuous improvement of the processes
• Systematic increase in productivity
• Strong commitment to clinical technologies and IT
• Strict cost control