hospital cuf infante santo 1945

hospital CUF Infante Santo's first female ward

1945 CUF Infante Santo Hospital | An innovative hospital, with a strong social responsibility component to it, that used to provide medical assistance to all 80,000 employees and family members of the CUF Group.

1995 Hospital Fernando Fonseca | The first public-private partnership in Portugal.

1995 CUF Belém Clínica | A differentiated outpatient facility, which expanded our scope of action throughout the value chain.

2001 CUF Descobertas Hospital | With the help from more than 50 years of experience and by meeting the demands of the market, José de Mello Saúde reinforced its role of reference in the private healthcare industry in Lisbon.

2003 CUF Alvalade Clínica | The outpatient area was expanded with a strong focus on Physical Medicine and Sports Rehabilitation.

2006 Dr.Campos Costa | Coming to Oporto marks the beginning of the geographic diversification in Portugal.

2006 Instituto Médico de Cascais | The acquisition of an outpatient facility in Cascais strengthened our leadership position in the outpatient field.

2006 Grupo Hospitalário Quirón | Implementation of an international expansion strategy through the purchase of a shareholding in a reference Spanish operator.

2007 CUF Porto Instituto | First facility to be built from scratch in the North of Portugal, based on a strong differentiation as far as the clinical staff and technology are concerned.

2008 CUF Torres Vedras Clínica | Expansion of the clinic’s network outside the major Portuguese urban areas.

2008 CUF Cascais Clínica | Purchase of a Grupo Português de Saúde clinic, with the aim of achieving a broader range of services in the Cascais area.

2008 Hospital Fernando Fonseca | End of the management agreement of Hospital Fernando Fonseca.

2009 Hospital de Braga | Beginning of the management agreement of Hospital de Braga.

2010 CUF Porto Hospital | Biggest private hospital in the North.

2011 Hospital Vila Franca de Xira | Beginning of the management agreement of Hospital de Vila Franca de Xira.

2012 Grupo Hospitalário Quirón | Selling of the stake on Grupo Hospitalário Quirón.

2014 CUF Mafra, São Domingos de Rana, Sintra | New Clinics in Mafra, S. Domingos de Rana and Sintra.

2015 Dr. Campos Costa | Selling of the stake on Dr. Campos Costa