Clinical Research

José de Mello Saúde has a structure that was specifically designed to develop a proactive policy that promotes the growth in clinical research - the Research and Development Group (called NID - Núcleo de Investigação e Desenvolvimento).

With NID, José de Mello Saúde follows the effort to picking up translational research programmes at the facilities, such as Clinical Trials.

This R&D projects are key to the development and statement of the clinical reference centres within the José de Mello Saúde Facilities, and are usually led by clinical teams that strengthen scientific and technological knowledge in the field of the concerned therapy. 

José de Mello Saúde already has a significant research activity, built up in the carrying out of numerous Clinical Trials and Observational Studies.


investigação clínica

Centro Clínico Académico

In the end of 2011, we created the Centro Clínico Académico, a non-profit association founded by José de Mello Saúde - through Hospital de Braga - with University of Minho – Health Sciences School [Universidade do Minho – Escola de Ciências da Saúde] and Institute for Life and Health Sciences [Instituto de Ciências da Vida e da Saúde].

This important structure is intended to develop excellent clinical and translational research, and to develop cooperation mechanisms that will enable the joint involvement in projects, the study and exploration of new ideas, and the search for innovative solutions.