José de Mello Saúde


José de Mello Saúde is the business platform of the José de Mello Group for the healthcare sector.

José de Mello Saúde undertakes to develop a long-term business strategy that fulfills its mission, vision and values and which simultaneously promotes responsible practice and defends the sustainability of the businesses in which it participates.

José de Mello Saúde is currently structured in accordance with the following organizational model:

In the organizational model of José de Mello Saúde, the corporate center is responsible for ensuring the processes that contribute to the excellence of the quality of services provided by health facilities.

Unites Portfolio

José de Mello Saúde develops its activity in the healthcare sector in Portugal, performing in the following business areas: (i) Saúde CUF, a network of private health care units; (ii) hospitals managed by public-private partnerships and (iii) José de Mello Residências e Serviços, for residential and domiciliary healthcare solutions to seniors.

| CUF Network:

Hospital CUF Infante Santo; Hospital CUF Descobertas; Hospital CUF Porto; Hospital CUF Torres Vedras; Hospital CUF Cascais

Clínica CUF Alvalade, Clínica CUF Belém, Clínica CUF Mafra, Clínica CUF S. Domingos de Rana, Clínica CUF Sintra e Clínica CUF Miraflores

Instituto CUF Porto


| Public-Private partnerships:

Hospital de Braga

Hospital Vila Franca de Xira


| SAGIES - Health and Safety at Work (SST) services


| José de Mello Residências e Serviços - assist. living and home solutions for the third age

                Domus Vida, assisted living facilities (Domus Vida Junqueira e Domus Vida Parede)
                Domus Care, home support services (Domus Care Lisboa e Porto)