Braga Hospital receives Health Excellence award from the Kaizen Institute

The Kaizen Institute awarded the prize Excellence in the Health Sector to the project "Centralized Platform Conventional Surgery Program" developed in Braga Hospital. The project "Centralized Platform Conventional Surgery Program" has as main objectives to hire and prepare in a single space, on the day of surgery, the patients programmed to operate in conventional surgery. This developmente allowed to create more quality and safety for the patient by standardization and specialization of pre-operative preparation processes, increased user satisfaction at being reduced pre-operative hospitalization time and allowed quality and safety gains in preparation for surgical intervention. The Kaizen Institute award aims in particular to highlight organizations that are good practice benchmark example and enhance the practice of continuous improvement through the teams skills reinforcement. The Kaizen Institute is a multinational company that provides consulting and training services to the business community and public institutions over 40 countries.