Hospital de Braga completes the transfer to the new facilities

The transfer of the medical practice activities of Hospital de Braga to the new facilities was completed, in an operation that lasted around 10 days and involved all the Hospital’s professionals.

José de Mello Saúde is pleased to announce the exemplary way in which this process was conducted, having the last patient of São Marcos been transferred to the new Hospital de Braga in the past weekend, and having the medical practice activities been terminated in the old facility.

The very complex transfer operation, as well as the start of the new hospital took place normally and without any incidents.

Hospital de Braga - inaugurated by the Prime Minister, José Sócrates, on Friday 13 of May – goes into operation in a facility with infrastructures of unmatched quality, that was planned to optimise circuits and spaces, so that customers can receive a better service, and a treatment that is more human, and so that professionals can benefit from excellent working conditions.