Human Resources

recursos humanos josé de mello saúdeAt José de Mello Saúde, we believe that our business strategy has to be based on a clear development strategy of our employees. It is this human wealth that once it is incorporated into people’s minds, will bring value to companies.

With the growth that has been evident for the last three years and with a focus on people, José de Mello Saúde has been strongly committed to the constant implementation and improvement of the policies and systems of Human Resources Management.


Culture and Values
At José de Mello Saúde we are proud of our history and identity, and strongly insist on sharing it with all the employees who join our team. The welcome programme for new employees, the integration programmes, the training activities about behaviour, the Staff Gatherings, among other activities, have played an important role in the intensification of the culture and the values of José de Mello Saúde. The commitment to the future is built by learning from the past and investing in the present.

Talent Management
As important as it is to analyse business, commercial strategy, competition or new markets, it is also important to analyse the company’s human capital to meet the challenges, as well as to find new ways of motivating/drawing in/keeping the best employees. José de Mello Saúde has been developing the +Talento Programme during the last years. This programme allows to recognise the potential of our administrative personnel and healthcare professionals, as well as their expectations, which together with performance enables to design development and progression plans. The + Talento Programme also includes a specific trainee programme. José de Mello Saúde is clearly committing to attracting talented young people, as this programme allows each trainee to get to know and develop his or her skills with internships in two different areas of the company, in six month periods. With this programme, José de Mello Saúde seeks to ensure the present and to prepare for the future.

José de Mello Saúde runs an average of 70,000 hours of training every year, with a strong focus on technical training and behavioural training. The development, as well as the constant update of the technical skills of our professionals, is one of our commitments, which is reflected into one of our Values: Competence. On the other hand, we know that differentiation is not just about technical skills, and for this reason, José de Mello Saúde is strongly committed to behavioural training, with the aim of stimulating our professionals into having a behaviour of excellence, that is human and that surpasses customer expectations.

Performance Measurement 
With the aim of guiding and monitoring our employees performances, as far as desirable behaviour and operational and improvement goals are concerned, José de Mello Saúde has been developing a performance measurement system, every year, that is an integral part of its culture. The first two stages of our managerial staff are assessed by using a multi-rater feedback programme. This measurement process, which considers the contribution of the person, the headship, the person’s pairs and subordinates, has proved to be extremely important in the development of each person, because it enables to identify the areas of improvement, seen by different “eyes”.

José de Mello Saúde believes that being close to education is a key factor in training complete and competent professionals. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we open our doors to internships in very diverse fields of training. With a total of 2,359 internships and residencies conducted in 2011, Medical internships represent about 55,5% of internships, among students and residents, followed by the nursing internships, with 31%.