José de Mello Saúde’s Nursing Committee

The Nursing Committee is one of the Group’s key pillars, boosting the clinical quality and the patient safety, as well as the continuous increase of efficiency and the level of service provision to all customers in all Facilities of José de Mello Saúde.

José de Mello Saúde’s Nursing Committee was created in February 2009.

The creation of this body shows one more achievement in the investment that has been made in the clinic’s culture of excellence, ruled by the Values of José de Mello Saúde. This body consists of the nurse directors of the Facilities that compose JMS.

This is an advisory and consultancy body of JMS’s Executive Committee, which has the following assignments:

• To define a strategy for Talent development and to define the performance standards in Nursing;

• To reinforce the culture of best practices based on evidence;

• To develop innovation projects that will promote technical differentiation, to improve the efficiency of the healthcare delivery process and respective levels of service;

• To develop clinical quality and patient safety based on the principle of Continuous Improvement;

• To keep up with the activities of the Academia de Desenvolvimento em Enfermagem [Development in Nursing Academy]

Nursing Development Academy’s Mission [Academia de Desenvolvimento em Enfermagem]: “To ensure skill development and improvement of the competences of the Advanced Nursing Care professionals, through training programmes, which are supported by the best practices, and by JMS Standards and Values, with the aim of promoting excellence in professional practice”. Its Vision is to “accomplish excellence in the field of nursing training and to achieve national recognition by seeing accreditation and demand as a reference centre”.

The Nursing Committee of José de Mello Saúde is composed by the following persons:

Nurse José Coelho - hospital CUF Infante Santo (President)

Nurse Carlos Costa - hospital CUF Descobertas

Nurse Fátima Faria - Hospital de Braga

Nurse Maria José Lourenço – Hospital Vila Franca de Xira

Nurse Sara Martins - hospital CUF Porto and instituto CUF Porto

Nurse Benilde Folgado - Hospital CUF Torres Vedras

Nurse Mafalda Sérgio - clínica CUF Cascais

Nurse Perpétua Santos - José de Mello Residências e Serviços